About Pirovac

Pirovac is a medieval settlement and fortification of the oldest croatian nobelmen, tradition of mediterranean agriculture as well as touristic climatic and recreational center.

Pirovac is a lively place which nature has endowed placing it on the coast between the sea and the Lake Vrana. It is situated in a bay characterized by an unusual fact that the sea temperature within it is 4 degrees higher than the rest of the Adriatic Sea. Mild climate dominates over this area and provides nice warm summer and mild winters. The coast is characterized by its indentednes and numerous bays with clear beaches with stones and pebbles and the islands in whose archipelago we find the National Park „Kornati“.

This place will give you the possibility to explore the hidden beauties by yourselves.Walking through the beautiful nature, bike rides, sports and recreational activities, sailing, diving, visiting historical and cultural antiquities, tasting dalmatian specialties... there are numerous possibilities for pleasant holidays and enjoyment. Pirovac is adorned by numerous attractions which are the reflection of the past times when this area was a significant center of the knights templars. The old part of the town on the coast with its medieval walls and „The Gates of the village“ are one of the most interesting symbols of Pirovac and the motive of your camera. Meet the old nucleus, peek intothe hidden stone streets called „kale“ which keep the trace of the past centuries.

Pirovac landscape panorama

Pirovac Beaches

„Lolic“ beach

The main town beach „Lolić“ has been awarded a Blue flag for many years which confirms that the beach satisfies the criteria for sea quality and cleanness of the coast as well as the equipment on the beach. It is a pebble beach on the southwest part of the town. The most interesting part of the beach is the middle part. It is sunny and sandy with shallow waters so it is ideal for children. For those who like to hide away from the sun there is plenty of shade under the pine trees.

Hotel Miran beach

Right next to the „Lolic“ beach there is another beach „Starine“ which is 1km long and stretching from the center of the town until the bay Vrilo. This is the beach for those looking for some peace and quiet ambience. There are some bars along the beach in case you need a refreshment and if you want to try some activities you can rent a boat, peddle boat or scooter.

„Starine“ beach

On the south-east coast, the "Starine" beach is located over a kilometer long and stretches from the center to Vrilo Bay. Beach tailored to those seeking a more peaceful atmosphere.

National parks in near

National park "Krka"

The national park is a vast and primarily unaltered area of exceptional natural value, including one or more preserved or insignificantly altered ecosystems science, also offers rich curtular continent and recreation for its visitors. - See more

National park "Kornati"

The Kornati National Park is often mentioned as "nautical paradise" in tourist publications. And really, in "slalom" sailing through the 89 unforgettable islands, islets and reefs,also you can test all of your nautical skills. - See more

National park "Northern Velebit"

The Northern Velebit National Park is recognizable by its preserved biodiversity, richness of the natural phenomena and experience of pristine wilderness. It is a space for gaining new experiences and the stronghold of sustainable development for the surrounding local communities, based on traditional practices. - See more

National park "Plitvice"

The Plitvice lakes National Park belongs to Dinaric karst area and due to its specific geology, geomorphology and hydrology it truly is one of the most impressive karst entities in the world. - See more

Nature parks in near

Nature park "Vrana Lake"

This largest freshwater lake in Croatia, as well as the rest of the region, has a turbulent and noble history.

Nature park "Velebit"

This largest freshwater lake in Croatia, as well as the rest of the region, has a turbulent and noble history.